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Metal Detectors in the Admin Building thumbnail

As of July 1, you have to go through a security checkpoint to enter the Administrative building at the Watson Government Complex. Also as of July 1, you can carry a weapon (with a Georgia Weapons Carry License) into government buildings that do not have a security checkpoint. Coincidence? My concern was that the securing [...]

Board of Commissioners Meeting, Apr. 8 thumbnail

Here's what happened at the 4/8 Board of Commissioners meeting. Great American Cleanup Event An announcement was made about a community cleanup event (4/26, 9am, meet at West Ridge Church). Pownall commented about attracting businesses by attracting people with a clean county. Graham talked about "Adopt a mile" programs and said that litter cleanup is the [...]

Paulding County Qualifying Results thumbnail

This week was qualifying week for this year's elections. Anyone wishing to appear on a ballot needed to be registered with the county elections office (or Secretary of State, depending on the election) by noon. Here are the people that will be appearing on the May Primary Election ballot in Paulding County. Candidates who listed [...]

Frivolousness in Douglas Senate Delegation thumbnail

This isn't a story about Paulding County, but it's a story about some of Paulding's delegation in the General Assembly, so it's worth noting. The Douglas County school board has the 2nd highest pay in the state. The salary is linked with superior court judges' salaries, and the school board passed a resolution asking for [...]

State Senate Approves Noise Suppressors for Hunting thumbnail

Paulding's state senators Bill Heath and Mike Dugan were part of efforts to pass SB93, a bill that would allow Georgia hunters to use noise suppressors. The bill was sponsored by Heath and cosponsored by Dugan. The bill is pretty straightforward: if you can legally own a suppressor, and if you've registered it in accordance [...]

Board of Commissioners Meeting, Feb 25 thumbnail

For the BOC meeting posts, I usually just combine my notes from the work session and the board meeting to get the summary from each agenda item. For the meetings that happened on Tuesday, I'm going to stray from that format just a bit. The exciting part of the meeting is going to be first, [...]

HB875 Heads to the State Senate thumbnail

Earlier this week, the State House voted to pass HB875 (the big Second Amendment bill) 119-56, sending it to the State Senate for final passage. From Paulding, three of our four representatives voted for the bill (Gravley, Braddock, Maxwell). Here are some of the things HB875 would do: Respect private property of churches and bars by [...]

Board of Commissioners Meeting, Feb. 14 thumbnail

If you missed Friday's BOC meetings, you missed quite the spirited debate. My notes and thoughts are below: Purchase Two Fire Pumpers – $438,744 (This was discussed at the January 28 work meeting, but was never voted on because the Board meeting was cancelled because of weather.) Bid award was approved unanimously. Purchase Computer Equipment [...]

Colorado, Cannabis, and Caden thumbnail

Somewhere in Colorado today, a Paulding County family is watching our state legislature very closely. They want to come home to the communities and people that they love, but until our legislature acts, they must remain in Colorado. This family has a son, Caden, who has a seizure disorder. The medicine he needs - every [...]

Beta Testers Wanted thumbnail

Over the last few weeks, I have been building a service that will send an email notification whenever a legislator in the Georgia General Assembly sponsors or co-sponsors legislation. I searched pretty extensively and wasn't able to find a service like that, so I decided to design and build it myself. It's pretty straightforward, and [...]

General Updates on the General Assembly thumbnail

We encourage our legislators to read legislation before voting on it, and we should make sure we read the actual bills before we decide on our own positions. I'd love for you all to just take what I say as gospel, but I'd be even more pleased if you all read bills for yourselves and [...]

Board of Commissioners Meeting, January 28 thumbnail

The 10:00 work meeting for the Board of Commissioners happened today as scheduled, but I can't imagine tonight's business meeting will happen. They said if it's cancelled, they will reschedule and post the updated time. Here are my notes from the work session. David Barnett was absent. No comment or explanation was given. I just [...]

Board of Education Meeting, January 28 thumbnail

The Paulding Board of Education met this morning, as part of its 2014 meeting schedule. It was a very short meeting. Here are my notes: Financial Update 56% of taxes have been collected through 42% of the school year. Some categories are under budget at this point because planned expenses haven't yet been incurred. Compared [...]

What Micah Gravley’s Actions Are Saying thumbnail

The issue of medical marijuana has become a hot topic in Georgia lately, and you may have noticed that Paulding's Micah Gravley has come forward in support of legislation that would allow for the limited use of cannabis oil as a medical treatment option in Georgia. Gravley is one of three legislators to show support for [...]

Paulding BOE Sets 2014 Meeting Schedule thumbnail

The Paulding County Board of Education has published its 2014 meeting schedule. The meetings, unless otherwise noted, are at the BOE main office at 3236 Atlanta Highway in Dallas. Here's the schedule. I hope you can join me at some of these meetings. January 28 - 8:30 a.m. February 11 - 6:15 p.m. February 25 [...]

Tom Graves: EXPAND Act Co-Sponsor thumbnail

On Friday, Paulding County's Congressman Tom Graves announced that he's an original cosponsor of the EXPAND Act. "EXPAND" here stand for "Energy Exploration and Production to Achieve National Demand." (I swear there's a guy in Washington whose only job is to come up with bill names like that.) I haven't had a chance to read [...]

Trillion Dollar Omnibus Bill Sails Through Senate thumbnail

I wrote on Thursday about the Omnibus spending bill passing the House, and on Friday it passed the Senate. Big spending bills passing the Senate is like the Braves collapsing in October: predictable, yet still disappointing. Johnny Isakson voted for the mess and offered up some excuses for why he did so. Saxby Chambliss didn't [...]

Braddock Sponsors Bill to Block Federal Gun Grabbing thumbnail

With the General Assembly back in session this week, Paulette Braddock was quick to join several other members of the State House to cosponsor HB732, a bill that would reinforce Georgia's jurisdiction in Second Amendment matters and block federal gun regulations in the state. The bill would do two things: First, it would make it [...]

Tom Graves: a “Yes” Vote for More Spending thumbnail

All day yesterday, I was trying to find time to write a post about this report of Congressman Tom Graves being a part of Justin Amash's House Liberty Caucus. To say I'm a fan of Justin Amash would be a huge understatement. The guy is awesome. Amash votes they way I'd want my Congressman to vote, [...]

Board of Commissioners Meeting, January 14 thumbnail

I attended both the Board of Commissioners work session this morning and the Board of Commissioners board meeting this afternoon. Here are consolidated notes from the two meetings. Purchase of New Security Cameras for Government Building and Courthouse - $105,000 A need was stated for replacing troublesome analog cameras with digital ones like those used [...]

No, Obamacare Won’t Hurt Deal’s Re-election Efforts thumbnail

Kimberly Alexander, whose district includes a portion of southeast Paulding, has come forward saying that Republican opposition to President Obama's flagship legislation will hurt Governor Deal's re-election campaign. Seriously. I'm not making this up. In a state where all the statewide offices are held by Republicans, in the state home to the Congressman (Graves) that [...]

Board of Commissioners 2014 Meeting Schedule thumbnail

The 2014 schedule for the Board of Commissioners meetings has been posted. Here are the dates for BOC meetings for 2014. I'll be attending as many of these as I can and would encourage you to attend as well, as your schedule allows. January 14 - 10:00 a.m. work session, 2:00 p.m. board meeting January 28 [...]

Bill Heath’s Legislative Preview thumbnail

In addition to the legislative update from Micah Gravley and Mike Dugan that I posted yesterday, here are the highlights from an email newsletter from State Senator Bill Heath: Budget Economy is showing "slow, yet steady improvement." Revenues in FY2014 are up 5.4% over last year. Savannah Harbor Expansion (This is the dredging of the [...]

Legislative Preview from Dugan, Gravley, and Hightower thumbnail

On Saturday, I headed down Highway 92 to join the good people in the Douglas County GOP for their monthly party meeting. The bulk of the meeting was set aside for U.S. Senate candidate Jack Kingston, but it began with a legislative preview from State House Representatives Micah Gravley and Dusty Hightower and State Senator [...]

Unemployment Insurance Extension: Will They or Won’t They? thumbnail

President Obama is going to be pushing early this week for yet another extension of unemployment insurance. This is a difficult issue, for sure, especially in an election year. Assumptions coming in ahead of the vote on the issue show that the Democrats will need at least 5 Republican votes for cloture in order to pass [...]